3 Things You Must Know about Custom Eco Friendly Boxes

Custom Eco friendly boxes are the most reliable packaging solution, which is gaining worldwide popularity both among consumers as well as manufacturers. They are best known for their uniqueness and versatility, which makes their users stand above all the competitors in the market. At the same time, they are quite light on the pocket as well. They are highly recyclable and reusable; this does not mean that they have rough surfaces.

They have very smooth and shiny surfaces, which make them perfect for applying various designs, color schemes, elegant themes, and stylization effects. They are also best for supporting every kind of printing technique, such as digital or offset printing. They are durable and provide absolute protection to your products. Besides, they are much lighter in weight, which makes it easy for you to handle them from one place to another quickly. When utilized perfectly, they play a major role in elevating your business.

Everyone needs packages in their lives to keep their stuff together. However, sometimes we find some of them that perfectly need our requirements, and sometimes we end up finding an imperfect package. The best choice in this regard is custom eco friendly boxes. They are becoming the go-to choice for every consumer and business out there due to their immense benefits. We have put this how-to-guide together to guide you effectively about some of their designing tips, benefits, and challenges, which you should know.

Benefits of eco-friendly packages:

Eco friendly boxes provide you with several advantages ranging from cost-effectiveness to sturdiness. Below are some of their benefits:

Reusable: The number one benefit of using custom eco friendly boxes is that they are reusable. You can easily utilize old packaging to create new and refined packages. And even their quality is not compromised at all. Reusable packaging providers are increasing their profit margins by reusing these packages.


This characteristic of custom eco friendly packaging boxes allows the businesses to collect and recycle the used boxes. This process is highly beneficial in reducing the overall carbon footprint and wastes lying on the roads or streets. Also, it helps in saving the precious resources of Earth.


The third environmentally friendly feature of eco-friendly boxes design is that they can be decomposed easily when they come in contact with the soil. Unlike plastic, they do not contain any toxic wastes or harmful gases and can be easily degraded. 

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An environment friendly boxes company can reduce its overall cost to gain maximum profits by using these packages. This is because these boxes are manufactured from cardboard material, which is easily available in the market at lower costs. You can also buy them in bulk from sustainable packaging wholesale dealers if you further want to reduce their price.

Sturdy built:

Biodegradable boxes USA are best known for their durability and sturdiness. They provide complete protection to the products by providing a perfect resistance against any kind of wear or tear. Moreover, they also save the products from any kind of external damage like high-velocity wind, heat, moisture, etc. Along with being durable, they are also light in weight. So, they can be moved easily from one place to another.

Increased brand image:

Another benefit of using custom printed eco friendly boxes is that they assist businesses to elevate their brand perception by highlighting their ecological nature. The consumers are concerned about the environment, and they will love to shop and use your environmentally friendly packages due to their minimal impact on the surroundings. This, in turn, will create your brand awareness in the market.

Designing Tips:

Select padding carefully:

It is important to use some sort of filler material or padding in eco friendly boxes depending upon the nature of the items inside. The use of Styrofoam in this regard is very common, but it is not a sustainable material. You can use biodegradable bubble wrap, which will assist you in producing more custom eco friendly boxes.

Choose natural inks:

Sustainable packaging poses no threat to the environment as it is made from recycled material. In the same manner, using natural inks in its printing process contribute to making it more sustainable. In this regard, the best way is to use inks that are made from milk proteins or food instead of using the ink made from bioplastics.

Make them sleeker:

The third and final tip is to remove any excess layers of packaging that do not contribute to the overall item. Trimming the fat is necessary as large packages will take up more storage space and will increase the shipping and overall costs for your business. So, be careful while selecting their design.


Although there are many benefits of using eco-packaging at the same time, there are challenges as well. It can be misleading to its consumers sometimes. This is because the companies can use a logo or raise a slogan of going green on their items. There is no denying that consumers these days are environment-conscious, but most of them are completely unaware of the fact that whether the packaging they are using is entirely eco-friendly or not.

This is where most of the companies capitalize on the ignorance of the people by manipulating them. For instance, a company may not provide the necessary details on the labels and stickers applied to the green packaging about the conditions and time associated with degradability.

Another big challenge of using environment friendly packaging solutions in industries is that the hot stamps and laminations applied on them affect their quality of recyclability and reusability. This is because the lamination coatings are un-dissolvable, and hot stamps contain metallic content, which is hard to recycle. Besides, sustainable packaging is not always green because the materials used in their manufacturing process include glass, metal, plastic, and paper. Most of them, like plastic, are impossible to recycle.

Custom eco friendly boxes should be designed carefully. In their designing process, make sure to select natural inks and trim the fat. They are affordable, lightweight, sturdier, recyclable, reusable, and play an important role in creating brand awareness. But sometimes they are misused as well by the manufacturers.

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