Best Travel Tricks for Your Journey : Flights and Airport

Couple of months ago, I returned from a 4-week trip to United Kingdom, America, Japan and Russia. I travelled on almost 15 planes, changed my accommodation multiple times and to be exactly saying I flew around the world in four weeks.

There came a day when I was thinking about all the stuff I can take care of to help my travelling little bit of less demanding and experience more enjoyment. I know I have been travelling for so many years now and never care about these little schemes, however you will surely find it more helpful.

  1. During my early years of travelling, I always used to arrive in last minutes at the airport and then I realised it was not a good thing to do. No doubt, I was getting few minutes extra to spend at the home before leaving for the airport but there are number of things needed to be done on my smartphone or laptop to catch my flight in time, therefore it is always best to arrive at the airport on time. Now, I don’t waste time at home, arrive early and undergo check-ins without much tension and stay relaxed throughout the whole trip.
  • In case, if there is going to be a flight at night, I always tries to grab my seat in the back of the aeroplane. If you take a look at the seating layouts of the plane, more people like to pick seat in the front. Most of them even get ready to share a row with others so they can get close to the front side. I know there are more chances that seats in the back are not occupied, hence getting a seat in back of the plane is significantly easier for me.
  •  I have always been the last one to board the plane. Usually, I wait for the call and try to get on-board at the last moment. Except in case, you have something big you are carrying with yourself that can add to the cost of the travel expense. No one needs to stand in long queues. I make sure I spend less time on my flight and whenever I find any better row or an empty seat I get into it. I have done this many times and scored several rows and seats by doing this. Believe me, this works out as a blessing on a long flight.
  • Always order for special food. No matter have the actual requirement of special meal; it is always intelligent to place an order for special meal. It is because those people who order special food get the food served before others. Moreover, special meals are always great quality and taste good.     
  • Carrying a neck pillow is good for long flights, but sometimes they can be quite bulky to carry around. The pillow should bend nicely when used against the wall so you can use it as a general pillow instead of using a big pillow. I always use inflatable pillow as I can stow it away.
  • Whenever I am travelling I make sure to carry canvas shopping bags that I can roll into a tiny ball. This is important for me to do as I never know when I can see something that I want to purchase. Some nations have weight restrictions, thus you never know when you may need to take out some items that you carry with you and believe me these canvas bags can bail you out during a rainy day.

I hope these travel tricks will help you so you can travel joyfully. For more information and take any service related to tour and travel, please visit

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