Comprehensive Dressing Guide for Women at 50+

Fashion trends are constantly changing and upgrading to accommodate diverse tastes and showcase different cultures in contemporary ways. Clothing for women is frequently seeing a transformation in trends, irrespective of the age. While you definitely cannot wear the same piece of clothing in your 50s as you wore in your 20s, you can still be on par with the latest trends and styles in fashion. Age-appropriate dressing is the key while busting the myth that everything’s over after 50.

While dressing in apparel suitable for youngsters is not advisable, constantly refining your personal style helps you stay fashionable always. One tip to follow is it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it that matters. You can get creative and wear different pieces of clothing in new ways to create your own style. Instead of disappearing into boring and nondescript clothing, you can spice things up to make your unique style statement even after 50. In other words, it’s all about aging gracefully where style and presentation go hand in hand.

Here are some contemporary dressing ideas to leave a fabulous mark after hitting 50:

Great-Fitting pants

Wear lightweight pants with wool blend available in black, navy, and charcoal. Make sure the cut is perfect and the length is full while wearing your shoes. You can take your shoe to the store or to the tailor to ensure you get that perfect fit.

Invest in Scarves

A variety of scarves will do the trick of converting conventional and bland dressing into a chic and stylish one. You can choose to wear scarves of various colors, including bold ones to pastel shades. Wear multi-coloured scarves or scarves available in a mix of delightful shades to create a stunning impression.

Leggings and Skinny Jeans

You can pair your favourite leggings with tops that go beyond your hips. Combine the look with scarves or a casual blazer. Skinny jeans are exceptional pieces to wear while matching them with the right tops or shirts. Choose to wear jeans made from linen, chambray, and pair them with satin or cotton shirts to achieve a classy look.

Cardigans and Layers

Add exemplary additions like tops with asymmetrical cuts and stylish patterns, and combine them with striped or plain cardigans to enhance your silhouette. These are classy clothing choices at that never go out of fashion, and are perfect to make a statement in your 50s.

Black Pencil Skirt

This versatile piece of clothing should have some stretch and some draping, and can be worn to the knee. Combine it with a long tank and a cropped multi-coloured jacket, and keep the black jacket away. You can complete the look by wearing black tights and booties, but avoid wearing a flat shoe.

Colors and Prints

These are fashion choices that don’t fade away even after you turn 50. Wear a bold colour with everything else mellow. You can also choose to wear prints and florals of different sizes depending on your body type. Take a closer look at street style dressing to give yourself a pleasing makeover.

A Golden Rule

While there are numerous choices to wear clothes that are stylish and presentable at 50, one stand-out fabric to include is cotton. Cotton is a quintessential clothing material that never fades away, irrespective of the presence of other impeccable fabrics. The most important thing about cotton clothes is that they let you be comfortable throughout the day. You can also have a confident body language with varieties of styles available in cotton.

While cotton clothes are particularly ideal for the summers, they can be worn throughout the year, and can be easily combined with other styles or pieces of clothing to complete a stunning, yet relaxed look.

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