Covid-19: Frequently Asked Questions About Travel and Migration to Australia

Covid-19: Frequently Asked Questions About Travel and Migration to Australia

As the coronavirus situation continues to escalate, the Australian Government is announcing policies regarding visa holders and people crossing the Australian border.

We’ve created some frequently asked questions related to migration updates.

Question 1: Who is exempt from arrival Ban, and who can enter Australia?

People who are Australian citizens and permanent residents can cross the Australian border without seeking permission from the Department of Home Affairs.

Family members such as spouses, legal guardians and dependents can also enter Australia. However, some conditions apply before this:

A) If they do not have a visa, they must apply for it and attach the document as proof of their connection with the Australian citizen.
B) If the traveler already has a travel visa to Australia, they need to fill out the check form available on the department’s website.
C) New Zealand Residents of New Zealand who normally live in Australia may also be admitted but some proof of residency is required.
D) Special air passengers traveling to a country advised by an Australian airport (excluding passengers who have been to Iran, China, Italy or South Korea in the last 14 days)

Question 2: Who is spared the deportation ban and yet they leave Australia?

The following people can leave Australia without applying for a waiver:

-> People who live in a country other than Australia, airline and maritime operators and associated security personnel, people who go in and out of the freight every day.

-> People who are engaged in essential activities in a sh fashore place and New Zealand citizens who have sub-class 444 visas.

-> People traveling for official business purposes such as an Australian Defense Force member.

The following people need to apply through the C-Nine Covid-19 form to get a waiver to leave Australia:

-> People who travel in response to the Kovid-19 epidemic; And the people whose movement is necessary to run critical industries and businesses such as the import and export industry.

-> People who are traveling for urgent medical treatment that is not available in the country.
-> People who travel nationally

Question 3: How long will these travel restrictions last?

There is currently no set time limit for travel restrictions. The Prime Minister cited the six-month period several times in a press statement issued on March 19, 2020, when asked about the predicted deadline for the situation to return to normal. These travel restrictions will be assessed from time to time but no confirmed date has been given.

Question 4: Are visa applications still being processed?

The department said visa processing (such as general skilled worker migration) would continue to operate within the current status quo and was prioritizing the visa application process for those who are exempt from overseas travel so that the necessary basis To facilitate travel. (ETA) Applications for the Electronic Travel Authority are not available online while the travel limits are being met.

Question 5: Do temporary visa holders have the flexibility to help them maintain their legal status in Australia?

a) The department has regularized their preparation to allow some level of flexibility for visa holders (temporary) who want to stay in Australia legally.
B) some services that require medical examinations, biometric collections and medical examinations may be affected by Covid-19; Therefore, applicants will be given a specific time limit to submit them if required.

c) The Department has also introduced a new category of visa, the Covid-19 Expansion Temporary Activity (subclass 408) and this will enable some visa holders to extend their stay in Australia if they cannot return to Australia and are temporary. Eligible visa holders are currently working and have the necessary skills for key areas such as health, childcare, disability and food processing.

-> To be eligible for this new category of 408 AGEE visa, the applicant must include:

a) Australia
B) Unable to leave Australia due to coronavirus
c) Unable to apply and is being granted the same visa they are currently holding in addition to the 408 visa
Temporary Work Skilled (Subclass 457) Visa Holders and Temporary Skilled Lack Visa (Subclass 482) who have reduced working hours and are on temporary hold, but whose employment has not yet been terminated, without breaking visa requirements Can maintain your visa authentication.

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