Here is How You can Make Your Employees Care about the Company as Much as You Do

The extended work from home (WFH) has increased feelings of loneliness and anxiety among employees. All of this is behind employees’ lack of interest in their company’s goals and success.


The coronavirus has started affecting the mental health of employees. Employees are combating stress, work depression, fear, and other stronger emotions.


As Aristotle said, “man is a social being”, it was seen from afar that coronavirus-influenced changes such as staying at home and keeping yourself at distance from others will affect the mental well-being of people.


Therefore, it is important to acknowledge the fact the social distancing plays a great role in taking a toll on employee mental well-being.


According to a Blind survey, 56.4% of employees who took part in the survey reported feeling anxiety during the remote working and social distancing.


53 percent of employees even claimed that they are now experiencing mental health issues.


This is also because, before the coronavirus outbreak only a minor percentage of employees were working from home. The majority of the workforce in an average company was habitual of performing their company-based tasks in-person at the office.


With so much going on with employees, it is not fair to expect a ground-breaking performance from them.


Nonetheless, as a company, while you are concerned about your employee’s mental health you cannot put the whole functioning of the company on hold. Instead, what you can do is start working on ways that can help you increase employee engagement.


To help you with this, we have created a list of ideas that can help the companies in increasing employee engagement so that they can achieve their goals and motives without sacrificing the mental health of workers.


Virtual Meeting


In workplaces, company meetings were the essential tool for refining goals and also communicating with the employees. However, during the work from home routine, many companies have started failing in holding company meetings.


The rise of remote working has nothing to do with a lack of communication between executives and employees. Instead, the time we live in is a time of collaboration-friendly technologies, so communication should be rather easy.


It means that by fostering the use of collaboration-technologies, companies can have equal or better channels of communication during WFH.


Companies, to foster employee engagement, are using platforms like Zoom, vividly.


Give Voice to Remote Employees


While it is not that difficult to schedule virtual meetings regularly or weekly, it is hard to have an equal representation of remote employees in the session.


Especially for the large companies that have high attendance in virtual meetings, employees tend to feel lost in a big crowd.


Therefore, as heads of the company or even as the host of these virtual company meetings, you need to make sure, there is fair participation of all employees.


You can do that by rescheduling a small virtual session for employees.


Some breakout sessions are organized to discuss goal setting, progress assessments, and brainstorming.


Host Casual Virtual Meet and Hangouts


The worst thing that happened in work from home mode is that employees are unable to get in touch with their team. In the workplace, it was easier for employees to have stronger connections with their work colleagues, which resulted in a strong commitment to workplace interaction and work.


The lack of interaction has resulted in increased loneliness among employees, which is directly affecting their work performance.


As an employee, what you can do is keep your mind engaged in other fun activities such as taking a break from work and watching some of your old favorite cartoons on cable TV.


You can even enjoy this break more if you have an affordable and reliable cable TV service such as Spectrum that offers a Spectrum Select Channel Lineup that is the source of unlimited entertainment at home.


However, as a company, instead of just scheduling formal business meetings, you should organize more informal hangouts as well.


Companies can utilize tools such as Slack or Google Hangouts to encourage appropriate office banter and create a friendly environment.


Welcome New Employees


If you have achieved building engagement with your current employees, it is time to work on the betterment of new hires.


After hiring new people in such times, make sure you introduce them to available resources that can help them work more effectively during remote working.


Also, makes sure they have a good connection with the rest of the team to understand the goals and motives of the company better.


Think as an Employee


If you want your employees to achieve the goals of the company, then you need to first think about their convenience. To make this happen, you should start thinking like an employee and not as an employer.

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