Home Care Jobs

There are so many different kinds of home care jobs that it might seem daunting to find home care jobs near me. On the other hand, with so many choices it makes it easier to find the exact kind of job that you would like to have. 


This is the basic kind of home care job that a person might be interested in.  This job description does not require any kind of licensing. It would be helpful to have training in taking care of elderly or disabled people.  But many people become caregivers with no training at all.

In this capacity, a person would basically be a helper.  The caregiver would help the patient with whatever tasks needed.  For example, a caregiver might fix meals and help the patient with getting dressed and personal grooming.  The caregiver might also do light housekeeping like sweeping floors and doing dishes.

Some caregivers are mostly there just for security.  Some patients need the extra security of having someone else in their home with them.  This is particularly true overnight.  Many caregivers spend the night at the patient’s home.  There may not be any particular tasks to complete.  The patient just wants to know that there is someone there in case something goes wrong.

If a person is looking for a home care job that pays the best, this is not the best choice.  There is usually a high demand for basic caregivers, but the pay is usually low, probably near minimum wage. 


Another kind of home care job is as a Certified Nursing Assistant. More than doing housework, a CNA also helps a patient with healthcare needs.  A Certified Nursing Assistant can work with people who are ill or patients who are recovering from surgery.

A Certified Nursing Assistant usually does tasks that are assigned by a registered nurse. They work not only in patient’s homes, but also in hospitals, hospice facilities, and nursing homes.  One of their duties is to administer medications to patients.  Another duty is to document information about the patient so that doctors and nurses can give the care they need.

The certification to become a CNA typically takes about a year and can be earned at a community college or through a hospital.  Although a CNA typically can earn more than a basic home care aide, it still doesn’t pay very well.  


Other home care jobs near me would require a registered nursing degree.  This kind of degree requires either a 2-year degree to become a regular RN, or 4 years to earn a Bachelor’s degree in nursing called an RN BSN.

An RN typically would not spend long hours at a patient’s home.  They would be responsible for making short visits to a patient to check on their well being and to monitor vital signs and medications.  The RN would be the connection between the home patient and the doctors at the hospital.  

This kind of home care job would be well paid due to the training and experience required. 

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