How to Protect Kids from Becoming the Target of Social Media Mobbing?

Bullying and mobbing have been in the world for quite long. Well, technology has given the bad guys a fresh platform to carry on their heinous actions. Just calling the names has strong psychological consequences and the name-calling has been taken effectively onto social networks. It leaves parents in disparity as they see their kids suffering from psychological syndromes.

Most of the parents do not know that their kid is a target of social media mobbing. Social media mobbing might appear as a new term. However, it has been there since the bad guys learned how to use social networks for bullying and ragging.  It was just a matter of time that they began to use the social platforms that were created for families and friends, to perform bad deeds. Well, there is no network where kids are safe. The social networks have a giant pool of mobbing bombers. Similarly, online games with forum chat can become a base for mobbing.

A lot of guys may not believe that the online games chat forums also serve as the base for mobbing. You can take a recent example from a very famous online game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). This game has been banned in several countries after a teenaged guy committed suicide in South Asia. The investigators found that the guy was mobbed after a game failure and that made him so disappointed that he killed himself.

That was just a game, but it became ruthless for a teen. In the same way, several other happenings take place online. There are plenty of social media mobbing incidents that culminate the teens to kill themselves. If not, then they take so much stress that they damage their brain. Finally, the result is the sorrow and hardship faced by the parents.

How to Protect Kids from Becoming the Target of Social Media Mobbing?

First of all, it is quite difficult to identify that a kid is a social media mobbing target. Parents can only know if they are on the same social accounts that their kids use. Perhaps, that happens once in a blue moon. Additionally, kids hesitate to share any such thing with their parents. They feel that their parents might scold them and they may not be able to get any help from their parents.

Certainly, parents need a parenting partner like OgyMogy that can help them find that their kid is a target of social media mobbing. Indeed, that is the only way through which they can learn about that. Else, they will remain unaware as long as a terrible consequence appears.

Then comes the trust. Parents need to build trust. They need to ensure their kids that they are their friends and they will always be there to help them. However, that can take a lot of time.

Taking the First Step… Guarding Kids:

Instead of waiting for any odd sign, play your part as a parent beforehand. Get an app like OgyMogy, install it, and begin monitoring the activities of your kids. OgyMogy lets the parents see everything that their kids do with their smartphones, laptops, and tablets. In short, it gives remote access to kids’ devices to parents.

With that remote access, parents can easily see the text messages, call records, social media activities, and every other thing on their kids’ phone. Along with that, if parents find anything suspicious on social networks or messengers, they can block it. Like if they see that their kid has been dragged into a mobbing group online, they can remove their kid from there. Also, they can launch a complaint against such groups using their kids’ accounts.

Well, Parental control app helps parents to guard their kids and protect them from the social media mobbing.

Moving to the Second Step… Trust Building and Parenting:

Parents should develop their kids’ trust in them. It is not necessary that if anything bad surfaces, then they have to start building trust. Instead, they should always be their friends and help them with their lives. Kids need trust and parenting. Trust gives them the confidence to share every other thing they experience. Further, parenting can make the kids learn how to protect themselves when their elders are not around. Obviously, you cannot be with your kids all the time. Even OgyMogy is just a digital partner that makes you aware of what is kid doing. So make them strong enough to repel any bad action.

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