Love you Fiordland! A night at Lake Marian

I went on a lot of fun activities like paragliding trips to Wanka, a wonderful Christmas Eve in Marlboro Sands, climbing around Quintown in the South Island – yet I didn’t get a chance for one night. I stepped out of my New Zealand geography and began looking for a possible short-term experience that I could do with Laura.

We were thinking of planning some great tour packages somewhere near my house, something that is up to Earnslaw Burn overnight. Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve done any adventure activities in Fiordland (outside of a trip to Milford Sound in New Zealand), and I’ve set my sights on that path.

About four years ago, I went on a wonderful day hike to the rocky alpine areas of Gertrude Saddle. Around him, we drove all night to Homer Hut, located in Fiordland National Park, Saland Thailand, and trekked to Gertrude Saddle the next day. I thought about that option, however, I chose to use it all the time of the week, I chose to start at Lake Marian, set up camp and stay overnight, and later for the Gertrude Saddle. The nests last until morning.

Fiordland is one of the clearest areas in New Zealand where anyone can visit. Solid and translucent rock faces, snow-capped valleys, crystal clear mountain lakes and snow-capped rivers – this is the New Zealand we’re talking about, a scene that is famous all over the world. Are featured in magazines. This is a wonderful place to walk along the Milford Sound and a wonderful place to walk in the ocean.

The ascent of Lake Marian leads from the East-Holyford Road, to the Milford Sound of Separation. It is about 4 hours to return with Backpack, a continuous journey from Halliford Road through several exciting waterfalls and a series of greenwoods for about 2 hours. However, with more weight, climbing will definitely take a little longer.

We have set up our camp by the river, however, it is important that there are no traditional camping facilities. There is a straightforward location before heading to the lake, however, in order to explore the rocky terrain in it, we need to walk about 500 meters or more along the shores of Lake Marian. If you do the same thing, please don’t mind forgetting anything – take everything with you on your journey, and if you want to do your business, do it responsibly!

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At the thought of climbing, we didn’t have high expectations, however, this 4 mile side trip turned out to be the new attraction of our entire New Zealand trip! Climbing and trekking in the woods and visiting the lake was a long way off, and we didn’t see much hiking on our way here as most hikers in Fiordland National Park would love to visit Milford Sound.

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