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Mark Gillespie was born on August 31, 1981 in the UK. Growing up the two things that made him happiest were good music and helping people achieve their goals. From a young age he had a natural gift for giving his friends good advice when it came to going after what they wanted. 

In the early days of his career he worked as a talent booker, finding performers for festivals and events around Birmingham. He excelled at what he was doing and felt like it was time to embark on a new business adventure. Mark needed more of a challenge and wanted to help his clients make their dreams happen.

He had a creative vision that made him an exceptional talent booker. Mark couldn’t let that talent go to waste. In 2007 he took a huge step forward in his career by founding the entertainment management company Three Six Zero. 

Three Six Zero has a reputation for working with notable talents that have become some of the biggest names in their genre. Mark has a good eye for talent and spotting out the right path for them to take to reach fans worldwide. 

How Three Six Zero Is Changing The Music World?

The first Three Six Zero location opened up in London, and Mark Gillespie’s first client was Calvin Harris. Calvin’s talent mixed with Mark’s vision is what has made Calvin Harris the worldwide phenomenon that he is today. Since working together Calvin Harris has become one of the biggest names in pop music and has collaborated with some of pop music’s biggest superstars, including Katy Perry and Rihanna.

Mark Gillespie and Calvin Harris are an unstoppable duo and still work together today. He had so much success with Three Six Zero and Calvin Harris, that Mark ended up opening up 2 more locations in LA and Miami. He moved to LA and over the years has become one of the most influential music managers in the country. 

Three Six Zero only takes on serious artist who show potential to become leading stars in their genre. Under Mark’s management they are able to top the charts and sell out concert tickets. Calvin Harris isn’t the only artist to find success working with Mark, he has also worked with:

  • Frank Ocean
  • Travis Scott
  • Jessie Ware
  • Kelis
  • Mark Ronson
  • So many more…

Mark Gillespie is one of the most disciplined music managers in LA, which has made him a well-respected professional in the industry. He has created his own method of business that has helped him build one of the most successful businesses in the entertainment industry. Every artist who works with him has gone beyond the level of success they aimed to achieve.

What Makes Mark Gillespie Exceptional

Recently Music Business Worldwide named Mark as one of the World’s Greatest Managers. His sense of professionalism and personal dedication to his artists can’t be matched. He nurtures the careers of each one of his artists to help them get to the top.

Mark isn’t afraid to break boundaries with his clients to push them to new levels. His vision has been able to help his artists top the charts and sells albums worldwide. He is constantly finding new and unique ways to reach a greater audience. 

Three Six Zero has established several partnerships with some of the biggest companies in entertainment. His deals with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, Westbrook Entertainment, and Sony Music Entertainment have helped him provide more exciting opportunities for his clients and their careers. An artist’s career always goes up when they work with Mark Gillespie.

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