What to Expect at Rehab

One of the many reasons people might be reluctant to go into rehab is that they are worried about what exactly happens at a substance abuse rehab center.  Depending, of course, on the particular facility, here are some of the strategies that are used in an Atlanta rehab facility. 

  • If the rehab center is faith-based, there will be many activities based on a particular religion.  There may be times spent reading and studying the bible.  There probably will be counseling that is based on the bible.  There will be sessions that relate addiction to a spiritual journey.
  • Most rehab facilities have a component that focuses on developing a strong body.  There is based on the premise that many addictions take a physical toll on the body.  Their philosophy is that building up the body helps build up the patient’s ability to overcome their addiction.   

Many places emphasize this physical fitness component by offering Pilates classes, cross fit exercises, and weight-training areas. 

  • The mind-body connection is important in some centers.  In this type of facility, there will be times set aside for guided meditation and places set aside for private meditation.  The rehab center may also offer time to take yoga classes. 
  • Almost every rehab center is going to offer a detox program.  Most addictions required a medically supervised time where the abused substance is slowly removed from the person’s body.  In many cases, this detox time requires special medications to help the patient get through this process. Unless the patient has undergone detox at a hospital before the admission, then detox will need to be done at the rehab center.
  • Talk therapy is the main core of Atlanta rehab facilities, as it is at every rehab center.  The patient can expect to participate in intensive individual therapy with a licensed counselor.  In this therapy, patients will be taught ways to manage their time that does not include abusing drugs and alcohol.
  • The patient can also expect to participate in group talk therapy.  This is an important part of rehab because it allows the patient to experience social interaction with people who have been through the same process themselves.  It allows the patient to develop a sense of community.  It gives people a feeling of support, knowing they can reach out to other members of their group to talk about how they are feeling.
  • Other rehab facilities may also include times for family talk therapy.  Most times the substance abuse does not develop in a vacuum – there are underlying family issues that may have contributed or continue to contribute to the problem.  Discussing these issues can sometimes get to the core of the substance abuse problem.  Most importantly, it can allow the patient to talk about family problems.
  • Most rehab centers want to leave the patient with a plan for succeeding outside the center.  Patients will think about and practice hobbies they might like to pursue such as learning a new language or traveling to new countries.

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